Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1Who is this program for? 

Anyone could benefit from this program. You don’t have to have an addiction to attend. We all have bad habits, unhealthy patterns, and things about ourselves that we would like to change. Participants will likely find that this program provides more options and time to address the aspects that are difficult to completely treat in most rehab programs - PTSD, communication skills, codependency, process addictions, and Stage 2 recovery challenges. This program provides effective tools to help you feel like life is worth it. 

 What is qigong/chi kung? 

Qigong is a broad term that refers to practices that people use to harness, balance and strengthen the energies within themselves for their own benefit. The Universal Healing Tao system has a wide array of practices that are performed while sitting, standing, lying down, and moving. There are separate practices that focus on particular aspects of your health (your bones and tendons, for example) and are for particular parts of the day. 

 What kinds of treatments are offered there? 

Taoist Emotional Recycling (TER) is a blend of EMDR and practices from the Universal Healing Tao system. It treats trauma quickly and completely. Self-hypnosis teaches you how to convince yourself to keep moving toward your healthy goals. Qigong teaches you how to create a healthy body and balance your emotions. Chi Nei Tsang manually detoxifies and strengthens your energy systems. There are many more treatments available from traditions from around the world. 

 “I’ve never been able to meditate. I don’t think I can be hypnotized. Is this the wrong program for me?” 

No, you will be able to participate and benefit from everything that we offer. The meditations are different in this program. They require your mind to be busy. Hypnosis is offered in a teaching and training format so that you can learn how to use trance to train you mind in the directions that you want to go.

How much will it cost? The program costs $17,000 CAN (approximately) $13,000 US, depending on the exchange rate 

at the time) to attend in person. 

 What treatments are included in the price of the program? 

Aside from the standard program offerings that include TER, hypnosis, EFT, MBTI, CBT and qigong, participants receive two treatments per week from an assortment that may include Chi New Tsang, Karsai New Tsang, Tok Sen, lymphatic drainage, rife machine treatments, colonics, and ozone treatments. Any treatments beyond that will be paid by the participant at the time of the treatment.